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As Bayraktarlar Grup, it's not our job to have identical structures!

Our unique projects; We are constantly improving to meet your needs and bring your dreams to life. Bayraktarlar Grup is at your service with a team of architects, designers, engineers and masters who share the vision of producing innovative and practical solutions that combine aesthetics with practical use.

What We Do?

Granite, tiles, wet and dry floors, wall coverings, specially designed furniture, refurbished products, facade coatings, architectural coatings and anything else you can request from us.

The only thing we imitate is nature...

Some animals can instinctively produce certain forms directly. For example, bees perform honeycomb production in a similar way in many different parts of the world. Likewise, certain kinds of birds build their nests in certain ways. Ants instinctively build ant nests with similar logics. Biomimicry, that is, the work of producing models that will make people's lives easier by imitating nature or inspired by natural forms, forms the basis of architecture.

Caves are one of the first solutions that people find with their shelter instinct. They found a place to protect themselves from external factors by using the existing gaps or by expanding the rock cavities over time. After leaving the cave and quitting the rock carving, the general tendency of people to create a structure was "stacking the stones on top of each other".

Building materials have changed according to the geographical structure, but the construction method has shown similar characteristics. In Eskimo “igloos”, compressed snow blocks are stacked on top of each other; By connecting the rods in the Indian tents; In the tents called "yurt" used by Turkish and Mongolian nomads in Central Asia, structures were created by weaving vines from trees and mats. All these methods have created similar but more comfortable spaces with the inclusion of new materials such as brick, wood and steel today.

Our Mission
To be a company that brings high value and innovative structures to the world construction history for the world of architecture and design; To ensure the satisfaction of our customers by developing responsible, efficient, quality projects that add value to our business

Our Vision
Bayraktarlar Grup, with the understanding of sustainable architecture, creates engineering, urban planning, interior decoration, restoration, surveying, landscaping, three-dimensional visual works as well as building animation and model works with its own design philosophies. is a company that creates

Our Quality Policy

Our company's quality policy is based on the following values;

• Ensuring customer satisfaction, understanding current and future customer needs, meeting customer demands and requirements at the same point and striving to meet expectations,
• To carry out the works under its commitment in accordance with the relevant legislation and standards in accordance with the contract requirements,
• To provide quality and qualified engineering services in order to meet the employer's requirements,
• To transfer our knowledge and experience from the projects we have completed to the projects we will realize,
• Ensuring the health and safety of our employees, protecting them from occupational diseases and injuries
• To protect the company's human resources, financial strength and experience,
• To increase the technical and personal skills of our employees in order to achieve our goals,
• Maintaining the highest level of cooperation and communication with our employers, business partners and related associates,
• To improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.